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Access control and management system

The access control system (ACS) allows you to solve the following tasks:
Limit the entry of people and vehicles into the territory of the protected facility;
Control the movement of employees across the territory of the enterprise at certain times of the day or days, as well as limit penetration into certain areas;
Maintain records of staff time;
Perform identification of a person's identity by photo, fingerprint, or retina, and compare the information received with the ACS database.
Access control system equipment:
The following equipment can be used as part of the access control system (ACS):
Controller - the main device that controls the access control system;
Code panel - designed to control electromechanical, electro-magnetic locks and other actuators;
Reader - an electronic device designed to read information from cards or touch-memory keys;
Exit button - designed to open the door;
Turnstiles, automatic barriers, locks - blocking devices that provide access control to the premises;
Access control programs - allow centralized management of ACS controllers from a personal computer (PC).
Currently, there are many manufacturers of equipment for access control systems on the security systems market. However, Suprema access control systems are the most popular.  , access control systems NMS ACCESS  and APACS 3000 access control systems. 

Video surveillance systems

Our specialization is the design and sale of video surveillance systems for security CCTV and related security systems.

On sale products  Novus, Dahua, Hikvision, HiWatch, AXİS:
IP cameras
  - outdoor, indoor, with IR illumination, explosion-proof, anti-vandal, swivel.
Analog cameras
  - outdoor, indoor, with IR illumination, anti-vandal, swivel.
DVRs for video surveillance
  - analog DVR, network NVR, hybrid XVR.
PoE switches
  - managed, unmanaged, industrial design.
network switches
  - managed, unmanaged, industrial design.
Video intercoms
  — subscriber monitors, calling panels, software for IP intercom.
Monitors for video surveillance .
HDD for DVRs
  and memory cards for IP cameras.

You can buy all components for video surveillance from us - from software to a hard drive; order installation; get professional advice and assistance in choosing equipment.

Системы видеонаблюдения.jpg

Professional sound and lighting equipment

Our company is the largest supplier  professional lighting and sound equipment
In the company you can purchase concert, stage, musical and additional  sound equipment
Our range includes professional acoustics, sound equipment and sound kits to make professional sound for objects: discos, assembly hall, concert hall, cafe, restaurant, bar, club, karaoke, schools, stadium, fitness club, swimming pool, outdoor events .

Smart dimming film

Product description

The smart dimming glass is a new material glass based on PDLC liquid crystal technology.

At the same time, for ordinary glass projects that have been decorated and completed, Honghu launched Honghu intelligent dimming film, which is ready to use and stick, has all the characteristics of dimming glass, and does not need cosmetic repairs.


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