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Organization of the access control and management system (ACS)

Access control and management systems (ACS) delimit the rights of access to the premises (zones, territories) of certain categories of persons and restrict the access of persons who do not have such rights. ACS is not only a set of access structures, controllers, readers, but also a complex set of organizational and technical measures, the access control process in which is automated and practically does not require the participation of personnel. The access control system helps not only to ensure the safety of material assets, the safety of staff and visitors, but also to organize the accounting of employees' working time, as well as streamline the order of movement of people around the facility.

"Antipassback" is a functionality of the system that excludes the passage of two employees with one card, or the passage without using an access card.

Access point types:

  • single pass

  • Double pass

  • Turnstile

  • Barrier

  • Tambour doors

  • elevators

To organize access points at the facility, it is possible to carry out  on many instrument bases that our company uses. Access control modules can be applied  KADE. Suprema. APACS and many more  . 


Professional remote body temperature measurement terminal with mask detection function

Main characteristics:

  • detection of people with fever

  • non-contact measurement of body temperature using infrared radiation

  • image analysis based on Deep Learning

  • mode configuration to unlock the doors.

  • voice prompts for user support

  • web server

  • detection of people not wearing a mask

  • measurement accuracy +/- 0.3°

  • emergency exits

  • write data to SD card

  • 8" LCD touch screen

  • two-way audio communication

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