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Smart dimming film


Overview of smart shading film  

  • Privacy section:  The biggest function of the intelligent dimming film is the privacy protection function, which can control the transparent and opaque state of the glass at any time, break the fixed space, and have a strong spatial expansion effect, privacy, openness and whatever you want.

  • Touch projection:  With the help of a high-definition projector, rear projection on the dimming film, the picture effect is very outstanding. With a dedicated touch frame, it can realize multi-touch.

  • Safety and Explosion Proof:  The intelligent dimming film can tightly absorb glass fragments when the glass is hit hard, effectively preventing the glass from splashing and hurting people.

  • Thermal insulation and sun protection:  Smart dimming films and films can isolate and block over 99% of UV rays and over 98% of infrared rays. Shield some infrared rays to reduce heat radiation and transmission. UV shielding can protect indoor furniture from fading and aging due to UV radiation, and protect personnel from disease caused by direct UV radiation.

  • Soundproofing and noise reduction:  intelligent dimming


Solutions for office partitions

In the office field, intelligent dimming film can control the transparent glass spraying at any time, making the office more convenient and bringing exceptional visual experience. We can also provide you with special projection, touch and other functions according to your needs.

Home villa partition wall solution

In the field of home interior, the smart film can be controlled at any time, and the two states of transparency/spray can be switched at will, so as to achieve the open space and wide view to the greatest extent; at the same time, it can also consider protecting the privacy of the home.

Decision on the division of municipal services

The smart dimming film provides an extraordinary visual experience for government, schools, hospitals, banks and other places, and at the same time, it also has an explosion-proof effect, which greatly enhances the safety of the glass, thereby ensuring safety. personnel and property. Its outstanding projection, sun protection and other functions can better meet the needs of various places.


Principle of operation:  ON: transparent, OFF: opaque

Color: White (blue, green, yellow, gray)

Thickness: 0.54mm

Maximum Width: 1.5m

Maximum length:  5m

Working temperature: -20℃—+70℃

Storage temperature: -30℃—+70℃

Operating voltage: 48-65V (50/60Hz AC)

Working temperature: -20℃—+70℃

Current: 0.08 A/m²

Power consumption: 5 W/m²

Transmittance: 82%

Visible Angle :>140º

Switching speed: < 0.02 s

Switch life: >8000000(ON/OFF)

Lifespan: >80000 hours

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